Tree Surgery (Argyll)

Off ground operations ; including - tree surveying- crown reduction /thinning - pruning, or complete dismantling & removal of dangerous trees close to buildings - roads etc.

General tree work (Ground Level)

Tree felling - pruning - hedge reduction - scrub clearance (Rhododendrons, gorse etc). We carry out all forms of Tree Surgery work in Lochgilphead and the wider Argyll area.

All tree work operations carried out

  • There is a lot more to tree surgery than merely cost! [ ]
  • "Offering a safe - efficient & effective solution to every job. Legitimate tree surgeons have high costs as a result of  maintaining liability insurance. Qualified and experienced staff must also be properly reimbursed. It is of utmost importance that our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to enable us to carry out this work."

  • Tree Surgery - specialist occupation with specialist training. [ ]
  • "Our staff have undergone specialist training in a wide range of fields. This includes the maintenance and operation of chainsaws, safe climbing and related equipment servicing and maintenance"

  • What could go wrong? [ ]
  • "An untrained person could easily cause damage to themselves, other people, property and of course the trees that they work on."

  • What is required and what should you look for when seeking a quote? [ ]
  • "First and foremost your tree surgeon should have public and employer's liability insurance. This covers them, their employees and any 3rd party that may be involved in an accident.  Quite often the inexperienced or untrained person will have no such insurance and that's why they can undercut those who are properly trained and prepaired for all types of tree operations. In such a scenario and if an accident were to occur, you may find yourself liable for injury to people or to property 

  • Qualifications you should consider checking for. [ ]
  • "The governing body is the NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council). The following certificates would be what you should expect from a qualified Tree Surgeon. This would be the bare minimum:- [ ]

  • CS30 – Chainsaw maintenance, on site preparation and cross cutting
  • CS31 – Felling and processing small trees, branch removal
  • CS38 – Climbing trees and carrying out aerial rescue
  • CS39 – Using of a chainsaw from a rope and harness
  • CS40 – Using ropes and harness whilst Aerial Pruning
  • CS41 – Evaluating the tree for hazards when Aerial Tree Rigging
  • First Aid at Work

Knapdale Tree Solutions

Offering a safe - efficient & effective solution to every job. We look forward offering you a fast - friendly professional service from a business fully equipped - NPTC certified & insured. Ground work operations; tree felling - pruning - hedge reduction - scrub clearance.
(Rhododendrons, gorse etc). Covering Lochgilphead, Ardrishaig, Tarbert, Inveraray, Campbeltown and the wider Argyll areanbsp;

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